ALIOTH Company uses equipment and technological solutions of European companies. Usable equipment enables to reach necessary level of accuracy and quality. For the purpose of minimization of human factor it is applied automatic and semiautomatic production systems.

ALIOTH Company tends to satisfy demands of clients as precise as possible, that is why there is a wide range of used materials. In the capacity of basis it is used plastic and laminated plastic films of different thickness, chromaticity and transparency. Besides, it is used foil-clad and foil-clad holographic plastic. For the purpose of achievement of the most harmonious combination of magnetic strip and card design it can be used magnetic films of different thickness and chromaticity, also light golden, silver and mirror tapes. Holograms and strings, used in impression, can keep different pictures. A wide range of offset and stenciled paints makes it possible to realize complicated design solutions. Used paints have rather good level of adhesion, resistance to the stratification, almost without smell. Offset paints have high lightfastness and stability on conditions that it is high temperature.