ALIOTH Company was founded in 2008. The main goal of the company is organization of plastic cards production as accessor to different services according to market demands.

Since its foundation the company actively realizes posed problems and goals in doing business. Team of specialists and workers created, organized and developed production from scratch.

Fundamental tasks, which were posed in the beginning of production process organization, were search of building and formation of production line, taking into account demands and characteristics of production process. The nomenclature of the equipment, production logistics and industrial safety were formed taking into consideration of long-term working experience of such enterprises both in Russia and abroad. In a year ALIOTH Company began to produce its first output owing to high professional skills and great experience of workers.

Club and bonus cards production of loyalty systems of trade networks were first projects realized by ALIOTH Company. In December, 2009 the company received license for services in encryption of information and work with cryptographic means. Received licenses permitted the company to provide services in spheres of graphic and electronic personalization. In February, 2010 ALIOTH Company was certified by international payment systems VISA and MasterCard for bank plastic cards production. Moreover, at that time company produced its first production output in common with bank “Kuban Kredit”.

New stage in development of company began since that time. Nowadays ALIOTH Company is absolutely modern company in plastic cards production on the basis of famous foreign firms technologies such as LAUFFER, KURZ, DataCard, KOMORI, Muhlbauer, Argon, Spartanics, DGIngenierie. In 2011 the company’s manufacturing capacity reached 3 million plastic cards per month.