72Production policy of Alioth Company support full production cycle of plastic cards from design development to final products delivering, moreover it includes personalization, sorting and packing of plastic cards. Every client is our partner, the goal of partnership is receiving of mutually beneficial results.

ALIOTH Company aspires to introduce new production technologies and materials for the purpose of decrease in cost prices, increasing of efficiency and quality of products, also adoption of new kinds of goods. Company encourages innovations among the workers of enterprise. ALIOTH Company informs its partners about the progress in fulfillment of order. In addition, the company gives support in expert and technological issues to its partners in the preparation process with the view of receiving of the most qualitative solution. Production is open for external audit and visits of the company’s partners.

ALIOTH Company especially pays attention to compliance with schedule time of orders and efficient use of resources (control and calculation). It is provided total control over the process in execution of order from signing of agreement to putting of products on the market. Computer-based system of account management makes it possible to estimate and develop plan of filling of order, also analyse correlation of planned and factual indicators. The best design of business processes, their formalization and workers’ adherence to rules are the necessary conditions of achievement of goal. Management model is based on delegation of responsibility and trust to workers in the presence of centralized control and understanding of their responsibility.

Level of proficiency and discipline of workers are key factors which are leading toward success. ALIOTH Company on a scheduled basis conducts industrial training of workers, organizes attendance of thematic and sales exhibitions and enterprises which have resembling kind of production. Company encourages exchange of experience among workers and their desire for receiving new knowledge and skills. Every worker is personally responsible for the results of work.