ALIOH l Pay service becomes available for Gazprombank Mastercard cardholders

Gazprombank has joined the list of Russian banks using ALIOTH l Pay contactless payment service.

Gazprombank Mastercard cardholders can now pay for their purchases at-a-touch using contactless technology, supported not only by bank cards and smartphones, but also by payment ring, bracelet or key fob. It is enough to wave a wearable in front of the contactless payment terminals, supporting Mastercard contactless technology, in order to conduct a transaction.

“More and more people choose innovative payment devices nowadays. Despite the fact that payment key fobs and rings are already available on the market, a client has had to visit a branch of the bank, which is not always convenient in the modern pace of life. That is why today we offer an entirely new approach, i.e. you can buy ALIOTH l Pay ring or any other accessory in the malls, mobile phone outlets, supermarkets and immediately link it to the bank card using a mobile application. In a few minutes you will be able to pay for your purchases”, Igor Vasiliyev, General Director of ALIOTH, said.

“Mastercard has become a pioneer company which has introduced many innovations on the Russian market, such as contactless payment technology, including using smartphones and other gadgets. Our recent research has shown that 70% of the Russian people polled called the contactless payment the most preferred one when buying offline. We are rapidly developing the wearable payment method so that our cardholders will be free to choose and securely pay for their purchases and services at any place, at any point and using any payment method”, Alexey Malinovskiy, Head of Mastercard in Russia, commented.

“Fast development of the contactless payment technology enables a client to use almost any device form factor when paying for purchases and services. It is same easy and convenient to pay by these gadgets as by usual card, that is why they are in demand and popular with the most technologically advanced Gazprombank clients. The importance of such new accessories has been growing amid the pandemic, which triggered the demand for the high-quality digital banking service and made it possible to minimize contacts with the surfaces in our everyday life. We are glad to respond to the demand by offering a wide range of wearables that meet the current cyber and personal security requirements”, Alexey Popovich, Gazprombank Senior Vice-President and Executive-Board member, said.

When paying by wearables, the high level of safety is maintained due to the tokenization service, implying that the card number is replaced by a different one. The card data is not stored in the device and is not transmitted to the terminal owner.


ALIOTH is the leading Russian manufacturer of bank cards of Mastercard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay and MIR payment schemes as well as the developer of its own SCOne EMV payment products and ALIOTH l Pay payment service.

Mastercard is a tech company of the global payment industry. Mastercard products and solutions make it easier, safer and more efficient to solve everyday tasks such as purchasing, travelling, doing business and finances’ managing.

Gazprombank is one of the three largest Russian banks according to all key indicators and ranks the third among the banks of Central and Eastern Europe by size of its own capital.

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