ALIOTH Сompany took part in conference “Card business together with Bank of Moscow. “


25th of April, in Ararat Park Hyatt hotel Bank of Moscow organized the conference “Card business together with Bank of Moscow. Growth prospects”. The development  prospect of the cash cards market and payment technologies became the main subject of the sounded performances.

At the conference participants got acquainted with opportunities and prospects of payment technologies in presentations of payment VISA and MasterCard systems, and also with new products and services of the companies vendors OpenWay Service, INPAS, ALIOTH, MFR. The emphasis of presentations was placed on trends of the market and technologies, mobile and electronic commerce, evolution of “traditional” forms of customer service and card infrastructure, on vectors for investment and strategic planning.

The guests audience of the conference consisted of heads of the retail business directions and IT of 50 Russian banks. It both clients of Bank of Moscow, and friendly to it banks and organizations.

The great interest among performances was caused by the presentation of the ALIOTH Company which opened new opportunities in production of plastic cards.

Alexey Kryukovskiy, the Director for clients and partners interactions, Ph.D , was a speaker from the ALIOT Company, made presentation about “New Opportunities in Production of Cards and the Chip Modules”. Alexey’s presentation was devoted to the new projects and products  of the ALIOT company: 1st EMV product series “SCOne” by ALIOTH’s development, which aplly in new generation of social card Moscow’s citizenship now, and cards for transport projects: “Troyka” and “Podorozhnik” for Moscow and Saint Petersburg rapid transit ssystems, and special presentation part “Stand out” about ALIOTH’s new technological capabilities: cards with 3D (stereo-vario) image, tactile effect, foil and transparent plastic.

Responses of participants of action say that subjects of presentations are found useful and interesting. Participants gathered a lot of the business, new to development, got acquainted with partners of Bank of Moscow and with each other.