ALIOTH Company received a certificate of UEC payment system PRO100

bank_RussiaIn October 2014 the technological company ALIOTH obtained an UEC payment system PRO100 certificate for card issuing personalization.

This possibility will help ALIOTH to expand its presence on the market and enhance its relations with its customers. The UEC national payment system is growing increasingly popular with the Russian banks owing to its benefits: its independence from the foreign policy and foreign economic matters, broad federal network of card servicing, and quick cash advance in almost any of the Russian Federation.

ALIOTH has already delivered the first lot of card for the Rossiya bank. The operation of cards themselves is provided by the chip module SCOne C12 – ALIOTH’s own design product. This is perhaps the most Russian product on the market, as it is developed by the Russian company and supports the Russian payment application.

SCOne payment products

In 2013 ALIOTH proudly introduced on the financial market the certified EMV product line of its own development for – SCOne. Al the products are meant for the financial market, available both in contact and dual version, and support the function of digital signature. It is also important that dual cards support embossing without limits and MIFARE Plus. This is a unique combination for the world practice of bank dual card production.

Since 2014 the Muskovite’s Social Cards are manufactured on the basis of SCOne D80.