ALIOTH Company starts production and personalization of the new generation social of Moscow citizens


5th of March in Moscow, in the press center of “AIF”, there took place the press conference of Department of information technologies (DIT) of the Moscow, GUP “Moscow social registr”, Bank of Moscow and the international payment system MasterCard. The participants presented to journalists new generation “The Muscovite social card ” (SKM) which release already began. The first 100 thousand new payment cards with the contactless PayPass interface emitted by Bank of Moscow are already delivered in points of delivery to holders.

New generation of SKM card based on EMV product developed by the Russian developerand the leading vendor of EMV payment cards in Russia – the technological ALIOTH Company are makes and personalizes the new Muscovite Social card. The new product will be received by more than one million Muscovites.

The new Muscovite social card were presented by the head of DIT of Moscow Artem Yermolaev, Daniil Titarenko, the head presented GUP “Moscow social registr”, Ilya Ryaby, the head of MasterCard in Russia, Belarus and Armenia, and Sergey Mednov, the board member and the IT director (CIO) of Bank of Moscow.

Existence of the chip allows placing more applications on the card exept the payment and provides the high level of security. Holders will be able to use SKM for payment of purchases in Russia and abroad, and also on the Internet. The innovative MasterCard PayPass technology allows to pay purchases simply and conveniently by contactless.

The card holders who do not have the right of preferential journey on transport will be able to buy “Troika” long ticket on SKM. It is also possible to use SKM card for the digital signature feature.

The city loyalty program on which discounts provide to SKM holders already more than 3300 trade and service pointes of the capital is significantly expanded (pharmacy medical stores, the medical centers, public catering, etc.). Paying purchases of new SKM, exempts will also be able to use discounts and bonuses at partners of the MasterCard PLUS program.

It is possible to withdraw money from the card without the fees in any ATMs of the integrated network of VTB Group (Bank of Moscow, VTB24, “Leto Bank”) or in branches of the bank of Moscow. Preferential terms of interest card deposit, and also SMS messaging are provided to senior citizen holders.

The mobile application allowing for holders of SKM card make easily and conveniently utility payments, to pay services, andmoney transfers is developed. Application is available for Android devices.

“The project exists more than 10 years, and technologies during this time evolved dramatically forward and holders of SKM became more exacting. Release of EMV cards opens good opportunities for further development and filling of cards by various services. Actually we speak about bonus quality of a product for exempts” — Artyom Yermolaev, the head of Department of information technologies of the city of Moscow declared.

“Working on card products and new technologies, we care of that it was convenient, simple and safe to clients to use them. We are very glad that Muscovites receive the modern payment card with expanded functionality now. We are in MasterCard ready to support further the project and to promote its development”, – Ilya Ryaby, the head of MasterCard in Russia comments.

“Bank of Moscow actively participates in improvement of a product “The social card of the Muscovite”. We made everything that the card became simple and reliable means of payment which will help holders of cards easily and conveniently to make purchases, to pay housing charges. Today it is a multipurpose product which has to simplify significantly life to the owner” — Sergey Mednov, the Board member of Bank of Moscow commented.

Appearance of the Social card of the Muscovite of a new sample underwent the minimum changes, having saved continuity with the previous design to which Muscovites already got used.

“Our priority was to lift our own domestic technologies on the highest level. The Russian vendors are capable to do unique products and to cope with the most difficult technological tasks. We thank all participants of the joint project for the trust shown to us and also we will make a maximum of efforts for improvement of production technologies, personalisation and ours the SCOne EMV peoduct, used in the project”, – Igor Vasilyev, the CEO technological and ALIOTH technological Company comments.