ALIOTH Entered TOP 10 Visa and MasterCard Issuers Worldwide

According to The Nilson Report 2015 ranking, ALIOTH entered TOP 10 Visa and MasterCard Issuers Worldwide and dominates the Russian market, having issued 40% more cards as compared to the previous year.
The company became one of the top issuers due to its long-term strategy based on development of the product line’s technologies and the focus on customer needs. Having been using the chosen business model for 8 years, ALIOTH has become the leader in card technology in Russia, with its own intellectual products and centre of excellence.
“We are always improving our products and our business processes and trying to offer to our customers the most flexible conditions for cooperation. Using our technology platform SCOne, ALIOTH customers may not only make their business more efficient by cost reduction, but also initiate and be partners in the development of complete information ecosystems based on multifunction cards, such as the Muscovite’s Social Card or the MSU Campus Card. The increasing use of the Russian operating system SCOne confirms that it is in demand. The number of SCOne-based cards has been steadily growing, with more than 30 million cards issued by now. Besides, more and more of our customers start using SCOne to issue their payment and multifunction cards. More than 60 banks already have successfully adapted SCOne by now. Due to the aforesaid, we have succeeded in our business in spite of the difficult economic conditions in 2015,” commented Igor Vasilyev, CEO, ALIOTH.