ALIOTH increases SCOne market share by entering Philippine smartcard industry

ALIOTH, leading Russian banking cards manufacturer and software developer, participated in Seamless Philippines 2019 – a dynamic summit and large-scale exhibition bringing together the converging worlds of ecommerce, payments, fintech and identity technologies held in Manila, on September 25-26, 2019.

More than 4 000 attendees all over the world visited the event, which included the exhibition with more than 100 exhibitors and 7 conference tracks covering payments, ecommerce, identity, banking etc.

The Seamless Payments conference brought over 25 sessions from key payments players in the Philippines and covered contactless, mobile, payments, biometrics, authentication and digital ID, financial fraud and other topics.

АLIOTH promoted SCOne chip modules – own EMV product with certified Visa, Mastercard and non-financial applications and software solutions for Social ID and e-Governmental projects based on multi-function cards. Software platforms for large-scale projects enable quick access and ID verification in multiple areas such as mass transit system, local payments, hotels, universities, etc.

All ALIOTH solutions are ready-to-go and can be easily adapted for growing economy of Philippines, characterized by rather high technological development and establishment of smart cities. On ALIOTH booth visitors were able to find out information about latest innovations in smart card industry. Ilya Losikov, product marketing manager, and Alexey Kuzovlev, development manager, demonstrated advanced payment solutions, shared Company experience in implementation of integrated multifunctional projects and answered questions.

A huge interest was aroused by the payment ring – innovative payment solution in a jewel with the same functionality as a standard bank card. Paying with the ring is easy, convenient, and safe, that is why many experts of payment industry feel a bright future around the product.

Besides the exhibition, ALIOTH conducted negotiations with the support of his distributor, “MR. GROUP CAPITAL HOLDINGS, INC.“ with “BANNER PLASTICARD, INC.”, a leading card manufacturer in the Philippines. Exchange covered different topics such as strategic development, commercial, technical and partnership.

ALIOTH would like to thank all attendees for joining us at Seamless Philippines 2019 and hope on further fruitful cooperation!

ALIOTH is Russian leading smartcard software developer, owner of SCOne, the EMV certified card platform featured payment and non-financial applications and the turnkey solutions for Business and Government.

The Seamless Philippines is a large-scale exhibition showcasing the latest payments, e-commerce, and retail technologies and a conference with over seven dedicated theaters covering payments, e-commerce marketing, e-commerce strategy, banking, financial inclusion, and identity.

BANNER PLASTICARD, INC. is the leading card manufacturing in the Philippines, serving the telecommunications, banking and other financial services, retail, manufacturing and service industries.

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