Alioth is the Technology Partner in the MSU Campus Project

On 30 August 2016, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sberbank, the Government of Moscow and Mastercard presented a multifunction campus card. The students and employees of the MSU’s pilot departments – School of Economics, School of Law, and School of State Audit – will receive such cards in September.
The MSU Campus Card is a personalised multifunction Mastercard® chip card which is issued by Sberbank and based on the Muscovite’s Social Card using SCOne, the Russian operating system developed by Alioth. It is an identifier of the students and employees on the campus and a key for the university’s and the city’s digital services. It is a new-generation international card, and it can be used for convenient, easy and safe payments for your purchases in Russia and abroad, including Mastercard Contactless payments.
The multifunction card combines banking and non-financial applications. For example, MSU students will use it as a pass to enter the university buildings, putting the card against the reader of the dedicated electronic turnstile installed at the entrance. Moreover, the information kiosks located within the schools can be used to order books in the library, learn about the timetable, request statements from the dean’s office. The social applications allow to use the card as a concessionary ticket for the Moscow public transport, a compulsory medical insurance policy, and to receive discounts from the merchants taking part in the social card partner program.
Alioth was the technology partner of the project and issued the campus cards. Due to its experience in social projects based on SCOne, the Russian operating system developed by the company, the company created a unique technology solution for the residents of the oldest Russian university.
“Introduction and application of the campus card boosted further development of the Moscow University’s infrastructure and creation of the university’s common information space. It will be a full-fledged student ID card and a record book in future. MSU is the largest Russian university consisting of more than 40 schools, and it has almost one hundred thousand students and employees. The MSU campus project will become the largest of such projects in Russia, and our experience will be able to be efficiently used in Russian higher education institutions”, said Viktor Sadovnichiy, President, the Russian Union of Rectors.
“Dozens of millions of people in Russia today use Sberbank cards to receive their salaries or stipend payments. It is an immense responsibility for us, and we must constantly develop our products and services. We are developing from the classical payment products to multifunction solutions for daily use, including non-financial use”, said Herman Gref, Chairman, Sberbank Management Board. “Moreover, Sberbank focuses on the infrastructure development, ensuring its convenience and maximum accessibility. We have installed more than 600 thousand POS terminals in shops by now. The MSU campus card is one more step towards a cashless ecosystem in Russia”.
“Using its experience and skills, Alioth managed to implement a project based on complex technologies and to create an impressive combination of functions. The MSU campus card services ecosystem is one of the most multifunctional ones in the world today. We are happy that our domestic developments are successfully used in welfare projects in Russia and help thousands of cardholders faster and easier fulfil their daily tasks”, said Igor Vasilyev, CEO, Alioth.
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