ALIOTH | Pay enabling wearable payment services

On September 15 the PLUS Forum, Transforming the Payment Business 2020 – SMEs and technology was held in Moscow. ALIOTH was the main sponsor of the event, in which the company presented its new service ALIOTH|Pay.

The forum brought together representatives of leading credit organizations, developers of IT solutions for the banking sector and bank cards manufacturers. The event included an exhibition of advanced technologies for the financial sector, as well as discussions on various issues related to the security of electronic payments, and finally, key trends in the payment industry.

Igor Vasiliyev, General Director of ALIOTH, presented the new ALIOTH | Pay service – a convenient modern solution for transforming widely used accessories into payment devices. Clients of banks that are members of the ALIOTH | Pay system will be able to link the accessory of their choice to their bank card by carrying out a few simple steps, and then use the accessory for contactless payments anywhere in the world. The service can be accessed via Android and iOS devices.

Visitors attending the exhibition had an opportunity to learn how works ALIOTH | Pay, and see the first tokenized wearables – rings, bracelets and key fobs.

Several banks have already started working with the service. ALIOTH is open to partnership with any financial organizations that are ready to offer an innovative and convenient service to their clients.

ALIOTH is the leading Russian manufacturer of bank cards and the developer of the SCOne range of EMV products, which are widely used in both the governmental and commercial sectors as part of complex integration projects involving multifunctional cards.

ALIOTH | Pay is a modern innovative solution that enables everyday accessories (rings, key fobs and bracelets etc.) to be used as payment devices.

The PLUS Forum is the largest annual event for the banking retail and e-commerce sectors, bringing together senior managers from Russian and foreign businesses, representatives of related government ministries and state bodies, as well as world-class experts. The PLUS Forum combines several formats – it is a trade fair, a conference and a discussion event with round tables on issues related to the sector at once.

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