ALIOTH SCOne ID and Payment products entering Africa smartcard market

ALIOTH, leading Russian banking cards manufacturer, attended Africa Pay and ID Expo, a continental exhibition focusing in identification and payment technologies held in Marrakech, Morocco on March 29-30, 2019.

During the exhibition ALIOTH presented a wide range of products and solutions: SCOne chip modules, certified payment cards and applications of Visa, Mastercard, MIR, JCB and China Union Pay, various plastic card printing effects, as well as software suites for integrated social and e-Governmental projects based on a multi-application ID-cards.

The card operating system SCOne is not just a certified solution for payment cards, but also a universal platform for ID and other non-financial cards: corporate, campus; social, medical ID; driving license, mass transit etc. Thanks to the expertise of ALIOTH engineers SCOne products are covering a wide range of payment and ID systems deployed worldwide, including specific regional requirements. In “Africa Pay and ID Expo” ALIOTH also demonstrated a high-security solution for ID cards embedded with a dedicated software designed for remote rural areas with limited or poor Internet access.

In the exhibition context, ALIOTH took part in the Identification conference, where Paul Mpando, Executive Head of International Business of the Company, shared the discussion with Nicolas Raffin of IDEMIA and Stephan Nappo of SOCIETE GENERAL. on the topic “The new frontiers of biometrics”. Paul Mpando cleared up concerns of Government about risks related to the security around identification data storage, regulation and infrastructures matters. He also raised the topics of end-user experience and lack of high end technical resources in local areas, and finally the fear about transparency and probity of the solution suppliers. The discussion was very active and aroused much interest among participants and the audience.

ALIOTH is Russian leading manufacturer of banking cards, the owner of SCOne – the EMV certified operating system and universal platform for non-financial services. Since 2013, SCOne products have achieved a strong position in the Russian market.

Africa Pay & ID Expo (formerly Cartes Afrique) took place in Marrakech, Morocco on March 29-30, 2019. More than 1200 participants, 80 exhibitors and 75 speakers from around the world shared the latest technological innovations, services, solutions and standards in the payment and identification industry.

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