ALIOTH SCOne products met the challenge of Asia smartcard industry

ALIOTH, leading Russian smartcards manufacturer and software developer, participated in Seamless Asia – a number one regional exhibition focusing in payment, banking and identity technologies held in Singapore, on June 26-27, 2019.

The event included the exhibition and 10 conferences, and gathered together more than 6 000 attendees, 350 speakers and 150 exhibitors all over the world. Such a big interest of stakeholders to the event and the region is fully justified: Asia payment industry is the most attractive and fast-growing market in the world.

During “Seamless Asia” АLIOTH represented a wide range of payment products and solutions: SCOne chip modules, payment cards and certified applications of Visa, Mastercard, JCB and China Union Pay, as well as software platforms for large-scale projects based on multi-application cards.

An unexpected success had Innovative payment solution in a piece of jewellery – the payment ring that has the same functionality as a standard bank card. The solution attracted most of stakeholders of the payment industry. The huge interest shown allows ALIOTH to feel a bright future around the product on the whole ASIA region.

ALIOTH SCOne card operating system is not only a certified solution for payment cards, but also a universal platform for ID and other non-financial cards: corporate, campus, social, medical ID, driving license, mass transit etc. Thanks to the expertise of ALIOTH engineers SCOne products are covering a wide range of payment and ID systems deployed worldwide, including specific regional requirements.

Besides the exhibition, ALIOTH appointed a distributor for the Southeast Asia region,  “MR. GROUP CAPITAL HOLDING, INC.“, a Philippine’s company, and started a strategic partnership with “BANNER PLASTICARD, INC.”, a leading card manufacturer in the Philippines.

ALIOTH would like to thank all attenders for joining us at Seamless Asia 2019 and hope on further fruitful cooperation!

ALIOTH is Russian leading manufacturer of banking cards, the owner of SCOne – the EMV certified operating system and universal platform for non-financial services. Since 2013, SCOne products have achieved a strong position in the Russian market.

Seamless Asia is the key meeting place for the brave new world of commerce. It is a new event built on 20 years of experience – a seamless continuity from Asia’s largest and longest running conference focused on cards and payments, to a dynamic summit and large-scale exhibition bringing together the converging worlds of ecommerce, retail and payments.

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