ALIOTH Told about Introduction of New Card Technologies at PLUS Forum 2016

Alioth took part in PLUS-Forum Remote Services, Mobile Solutions, Cards and Payments 2016 that started on June 7 in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow. Igor Vasilyev, CEO, Alioth, made a report during the event. He told about the new developments of the company, the integrated infrastructure projects implemented and about the company’s development plans.
Mr. Vasilyev’s report was focused on SCOne, the first Russian operating system for smart cards developed by the company. The company started developing its own Mir card payment application based on the OS. “We and our colleagues from NSPK are currently occupied with its certification. Using this application, we will be able to offer to the market and banks a fast and, above all, a financially efficient product that would require no unwanted payments to any third parties, for example ORACLE”, stated the speaker.
Alioth CEO also told about the implemented integrated projects based on modern technologies, including the MSU campus cards, the joint project with Sberbank, ID cards for the Night Hockey League, the project with Patriot Park, and a number of card solutions for the Republic of Kazakhstan.
According to the speaker, the company places great emphasis on the digital security of the card products and keeps abreast of the latest technologies. Thus, Alioth started offering biometric identification solutions – recognition by photograph, wave of the hand, fingerprints or iris – in its integrated projects. “These technologies may either replace card identification or supplement it”, explained Mr. Vasilyev.
The visitors of the company’s exhibition booth could see a wide portfolio of the implemented card technology projects and get advice on the implementation of services to achieve various business goals in the industry.

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