“Mir to the World!” Alioth Took Part in the Workshop “Plastic Cards and Payments in Russia Today”

Alioth took part in the workshop “Plastic Cards and Payments in Russia Today. Mir to the World!” was held on 5 Apri 2016 by CARDHALL.
The CARDHALL workshop is traditionally very well organised, the speakers are well prepared and the reports are good. This time, the workshop covered such topics as card personalisation and customer identification solutions, contactless technologies, and rewards programs based on smart cards.
The company’s solutions and projects were presented by Andrey Pilishenko, Product Director, Alioth.
SCOne, the card platform developed by Alioth, is currently the main product in its portfolio. The domestic product is becoming more and more competitive due to the increasing foreign exchange rates. The company has independently developed a card operating system and payment applications certified by the international payment systems, therefore, there is no need to buy them from foreign suppliers. SCOne is a native product, therefore, its cost structure includes no payments to Oracle, USA that is the Java licensor. Most of our customers have already started using SCOne or are changing over to it. Moreover, Alioth sees that the international markets are quite interested in SCOne.
The professional community has been constantly interested in the issuance of the MIR card by the National System of Payment Cards (NSPK) for the last year and a half. Russian banks have already placed orders with Alioth to issue several dozens of thousands of such cards, but still based on foreign platforms.
Meanwhile, Alioth has already developed its own MIR payment application for the SCOne platform. The domestic platform is especially important in terms of NSPK’s objectives – the Russian operating system and applications ensure that there will be no software “backdoors” that could be made by western companies.
Millions of orders are expected by the end of the year as soon as this product is certified with NSPK.

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