Post Bank clients can now pay by ALIOTH l Pay rings

Post Bank Mastercard holders will be able to pay for their purchases at-a-touch, using contactless technology, supported not only by bank cards and smartphones, but also by ALIOTH l Pay payment rings. It is enough to wave a ring in front of the contactless payment terminals, supporting Mastercard contactless technology, in order to conduct a transaction.

When paying by wearables, the high level of safety is maintained due to the tokenization service, implying that the card number is replaced by a different one. The card data is not stored in the device and is not transmitted to the terminal owner.

“Not so long ago paying by smartphone produced a small revolution. Today each of us has a choice which payment device to touch to a terminal, i.e. card, smartphone, key fob, watch or even ring. That’s great when you have a choice. And besides, a ring is not only a payment device but also a stylish accessory which can emphasize your individuality. We want our clients to be absolutely free to choose payment devices according to their tastes and habits”, Anna Maslennikova, Senior Vice-President and Innovation Director, noted.

“Contactless payment devices have been becoming more popular on the Russian market while the rapid ALIOTH l Pay service expansion significantly simplifies the activation procedure: the ALIOTH l Pay ring you like can be purchased on the website or marketplaces and immediately linked to the bank card via a mobile application. In a few minutes you will be able to pay for your purchases”, Igor Vasiliyev, General Director of ALIOTH, said.

In order to pay by a ring, one should install ALIOTH l Pay mobile application for iOS or Android, add a Mastercard bank card following the instructions in the app, then link the payment accessory to the bank card and activate it.

ALIOTH is the leading Russian manufacturer of bank cards of Mastercard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay and MIR payment schemes as well as the developer of its own SCOne EMV payment products and ALIOTH l Pay payment service.

Post bank is a universal retail bank, founded by the VTB Group and Russian Post in 2016. The Bank is developing its regional network on the basis of the Russian Post offices. Following the results of 9 months of 2021, 19 thousand bank service points have been opened in 83 regions of the Russian Federation, and the client base has reached 17,4 million people.

In post offices, the bank is presented in the format of sales windows with a bank employee or with an employee of the Russian Post. Post Bank operates without cash centers, all operations are performed by customers using ATMs with a closed cash flow function (“cash recycling”). The Post Bank has become the first bank in Russia to create an ATM network (over 4800 machines) consisting entirely of cash recycling devices. The Post Bank website is as follows:

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