Plastic cards are used not just in banking area, but also in points of sales as discount and bonus cards for getting rebate. ALIOTH Company has all capacities for production of such cards.

Discount cards help to stimulate regular customers for purchasing of goods, and also save their interest and affection towards this trade mark. Besides, availability of discount cards in trading networks favours the broadening of target audience by force of involvement of new clients.

Funded system of rebates in the contemporary market is the significant means for increasing of sales and forming of rather wide range of permanent clients.

Bonus cards have the same market advantages and supply in achievement of resembling goals. Bonus cards can be launched when available profit of bonus cards is exhausted. So, bonus card launching is a step in further development of company’s marketing strategy in promotion on the market and increasing of share of the market.

Card design is the main aspect in launching of discount and bonus cards. ALIOTH company has wide technical opportunities to make the card attractive and interesting for clients.