Production potentialities of ALIOTH Company permit to produce all types of contactless (RFID) plastic cards for different spheres of business, such as:

  • access control systems: admission, staff and visitor cards;
  • identification of objects in logistic and transport systems;
  • protection from forgery, increase of information security and other.

Specialization of ALIOTH Company as bank card producer, allow to provide exceptional safety precautions in production of RFID cards for any purpose of the following standards:

  • 125 KHz (EM-Marine);
  • 13,56 MHz (MIFARE);
  • 860-960 MHz (UHF, UCODE EPC Gen2 and other).

Production equipment of ALIOTH Company provides opportunity for efficient production of significant amount of cards, personalization, packing (also exclusive) and delivering. All the above mentioned services can be provided by one producer, which also has certificate of quality control system ISO9001:2008 (TÜV SÜD Management Service).