• SCOne cards. EMV payment products for financial market. It ranges from contact to multifunctional dual one.
    • Application for Java cards – iPAY. This application for Java cards work according to EMV standard for use in different projects, where nonbank payment application is required.
    • Card Master is a system intended for complete cycle of smart card personalization (preparation of data for downloading in chip, magnetic stripe coding, stamping of graphic elements).
    • SAM-module (Security Access Module) – security module and module of crypto security.

ALIOTH Company is proud to present its own product – certified EMV payment products for financial sector – SCOne.
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SCOne C40 – contact EMV product at a reasonable price.

SCOne D20 – dual EMV product at a reasonable price.

SCOne D80 – multifunctional dual EMV product.

mastercard-paypass-aliothAll products are intended for bank market, are able to provide electronic signature. Dual products support embossing without limitations and realize emulation MIFARE Plus. It is unique option for dual cards in the world.

More information about SCOne products read in the table below:

SCOne Product





Dual interface inductive technology

Offline authentication method



Mifare emulation



Platform type



Available memory (Kbytes)



Cryptographic features



Financial applications

MIR 1.1,

M/Chip 4 Select 1.1b,

M/Chip Advance 1.2,

VIS 1.5.4

MIR 1.1,

M/Chip 4 Select 1.1b, PayPass 1.3.1,

M/Chip Advance 1.1,

VIS 1.5.4, PayWave (VCPS 2.1.2)

Digital signature



Common Criteria               CC EAL 5+ CC EAL 5+  
Mastercard M/Chip 4 Select certification

Expires 25.11.2018

Expires 27.11.2017

Mastercard M/Chip Advance certification

Expires 25.11.2019

Expires 29.10.2018

VISA certification

Expires 01.06.2018

Expires 01.06.2018

NSPK certification



iPAY – bank technologies in every project

iPAY — application for Java cards, developed in compliance with specifications of EMV, it is right for use in different projects, where it is required local payment application.

Full description: Plastic cards market rapidly increases nowadays, shere of usage becomes wider and is unlimited by traditional markets of bank transactions. Automation of business processes (for example, collection of customs duties), launching of local payment systems in fuel and social spheres, broadening of application list on the card are issues of current importance. Java application iPAY was developed for solving of these problems. Experience and technologies used in bank sphere were used in this project.

Security and consumer protection from fraud Developed according to EMV standard, product iPAY provides secure transaction processing both on-line and off-line, at the same time every transaction is registered, that helps to protect transactions and operations from fraud and falsification. This application provides the opportunities as:

  • To conduct an operation of authentication, i.e. to confirm that the card was authorized by issuer;
  • To provide for the verification of the execution by terminal of off-line authentification procedure;
  • To check PIN-code in off-line regime;
  • To give an opportunity to the issuer to check the originality of transaction result with using the applied cryptogram, which is electronic signature of the most important parameters of transaction;
  • To support wholeness and  confidentiality of information in the exchange of information between card and terminal.

Basic and/or supplementary application  Application iPAY work on every Global Platform, which are compatible with Java cards, that allows iPAY to widen standard payment application and also remotely download on card via equipments of self-service with Application Master system.

Card Master – easiness and quickness of card personalization

Card Master system is intended for full circle of smart card personalization.

Full description: Card Master system is intended for full circle of smart card personalization (data preparation and loading to chip, magnetic stripe coding, graphic elements printing).

Main goal of software and hardware complex Card Master is providing with full process of personalization data preparation till card personalization with opportunity to control production. System consists of software Card Master, thermal transfer printers DataCard (or Zebra) and HSM Eracom, corresponds to Global Platform conception and meets requirements in security of international payment systems VISA and MasterCard.