SCOne – Import Substitution at Work

On 16 November 2016, the third Training Conference on development of the MIR payment system was held by JSC NSPK (National System of Payment Cards) in Radisson Royal Hotel (Ukraina Hotel). Speakers from the National System of Payment Cards shared the most up-to-date information about the company’s key development areas and presented new products and services.
Igor Vasilyev, CEO, ALIOTH, made the report titled “SCOne – Import Substitution at Work”. ALIOTH is the leading issuer of MIR cards. The company has issued more than 1,000,000 MIR cards for 14 banks by now and is going to double this amount by the end of the year.
This year, ALIOTH developed the SCOne payment product with the MIR application. The first supplies of the contact product have already started, the dual solution including a suite of additional non-financial applications has successfully passed its functional testing and is expected to be certified in early 2017.
Its software – both the operating system and the application suite – are 100% Russian-made which makes this product unique.
It is essential for the purposes of the development of the National System of Payment Cards. The rouble component share in the product cost increases, the risks of sanction related restrictions and “backdoors” or undocumented features of the national payment product are reduced. Thus, a domestic and more competitive product is offered to banks. ALIOTH’s further goal is to create a payment product that would already be completely Russian-made including its chip. ALIOTH has announced creation of such a product together with Mikron, the leading manufacturer of bank card microcontrollers in Russia.
This year, not only representatives of lenders, card issuers and equipment suppliers, but also merchants took part in the event held by NSPK. In total, over 380 people attended the conference.
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